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Can pilates help my posture?

by | Aug 30, 2022

Can pilates help my posture?

Posture seems to be a very popular topic at home and face to face workplaces, and often the questions are asked “do I have ‘bad’ posture?” and “Will it contribute to any neck or back pain that I have?”

Firstly, there is no perfect posture! We are all different shapes and sizes and therefore there is no “perfect” posture. However if those thoughts are plaguing you, and your colleagues are commenting on your posture at your desk, there are a few ways pilates may be able to help! 

We were designed to move! And the way we work now (mostly hunched over in front of our computers and looking at screens for 8+ hours) doesn’t allow us to manage this in our day to day life as easily. 

But what is good posture? 

Optimal posture is different for everyone. It is suggested that any one maintained position for too long may lead to discomfort, and rather we should continue to move throughout the day. Other factors that may also contribute to pain are stress, diet, tissue health, fear and beliefs around posture and pain. 

How can pilates help me?

Pilates is a movement-based exercise program that takes into account core values such as;

  • breathing,
  • centering (engaging your core while keeping your spine in a neutral position)
  • rib cage placement
  • head and neck control

If we take the approach that many factors contribute to “poor” postural habits and pain during the day, potentially remaining active throughout the day may help, and pilates is a great way to get started. 

This can take place in a clinic during a group class, a 1:1 session, or at  home if you prefer a quieter environment to perform your exercises. We can also provide you with home exercises, or exercises for the workplace to help you continue to move and manage your pain or postural habits during the day. 

You can use the core values of pilates to improve your overall musculoskeletal health (and you may even have fun along the way!)

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