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Seasons (unwanted) Greetings

by | Dec 15, 2021

Christmas is a time to be merry and not injured 

Here are some tips to keep you fighting fit over the holidays:
  • Dad, it’s just a game! Let the kids beat you… it’s better than spraining your back whilst playing a game of family friendly backyard cricket
  • When hanging those lights, putting up the tree or moving those last pieces of furniture for Uncle Bob’s family, ask for help! You do not want to unwrap the old back injury or dodgy knees.
  • Watch the stairs! Wayward toys or  “next morning” sore heads may lead to an unwanted avalanche 
  • Movement is medicine, buy presents that promote physical activity, little kids (& even BIG kids) love trampolines, basketball rings, frisbees or even a boogie board?
  • Mum, don’t stress! The food will be delicious as always… even if the turkey is a little burnt (aka caramelised). If you are getting a bit anxious about the family coming over for christmas make sure you take some time for you, the last thing you need is tension through the neck and shoulders or a budding headache, take a breath and delegate. 
  • This time of year you may find yourself with a ‘to do’ list miles long, it might be easier to just cancel that appointment you made or skip that gym class you scheduled, but take a moment to think about why you organised to do those things and remember that it’s okay to take some time out for yourself as well
  • If you have to travel long distances, make sure you have frequent rest stops, back & neck pain are unwanted guests at the X-mas party. Let’s make sure they stay away. 
  • We all know some of us get a little too Merry on Christmas day but let’s avoid prolonged sitting/lounging on the couch in poor posture nursing that headache whilst we watch the boxing day test or Love Actually one last time. You’ll thank us later

This will hopefully ensure you indeed get to spend more time with your family over the silly season especially after the last 2 years we have had. 

But if you do find yourself experiencing pain over the holiday break please get in touch with one of our friendly staff and they will be happy to help.